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User manual Semantic search Displaying information Printouts and property chains

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return lists of pages. The default result simply lists the page titles. Additional information, such as a page's property values or categories, can be included into a query result by using additional printout statements .

There are different kinds of printout statements, but all of them can be recognized by the question mark ? that they start with in the query. The important difference between printout statements and query descriptions is that the former do not restrict the result set in any way, even if some printout has no values for a given page, an empty field will be printed, but the page is still part of the result.


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Note, all the printout statements below are used within Discount Low Cost Moschino Borsa Fabric Nero Women’s CrossBody Bag Schwarz Free Shipping Release Dates Pay With Paypal Cheap Price Buy Cheap Pay With Paypal 1s4u2PJRkL

Printing property values

The most common form of printout statements are property printouts that display all the values assigned to a certain property. These are written simply as a question mark followed by the property name, e.g.

This prints all the values for the «population» property of the query results.

It is possible to change the label for a printout:

This still prints the values for the «population» property, but with the modified label.

As mentioned above, some properties may not be defined on some pages, e.g. if something does not have any population. Property conditions with wildcards can be used to ensure that all elements in a query result have some value for a given property, if this is desired.

There are two ways to print category information: either SMW prints all categories assigned to some page, or SMW checks for one particular category. The first case is achieved by the printout

where «Category» is the name of the Category namespace in the local language. This printout will show all categories that are directly used on a result page. The other option is to ask for one particular category, such as

The result then will contain a column «Actor» that contains X for all pages that directly belong to that category, and is empty otherwise. Again, one can change the label using equality:

will merely display an «A» as the header of the result column which might be more sensible given that the entries in that column are very short. It is also possible to change the way in which this kind of category queries are formatted, as described below.

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